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Merchant origination

Building an enterpise merchant management solution to replace six legacy systems

  UX & UI design

Problem statement

Bankers are required to use up to six different systems to onboard and serivce new and existing merchant customers. This involves too much manual data entry, duplication and non-compliant workarounds which slows down credit decisions and fulfilment procedures.

HCD team design review session

UX research

Working within a large, multi-finctional team, we kciked off our discovery phase with a thorough review of the as-is procedures and processes to fully understand where pain-points and capability gaps currently exist and where we may find opportunities to better serve our customers - and support our bankers.

We achieved this via discussions and interviews with internal subject matter experts, small business owners, frontline bankers and fulfilment staff covering all those invloved in merchant servicing and terminal fulfilment.

  Customer & Banker journey mapping

  Banker interviews

  Prototype testing

Merchant sales & servicing blueprint

Challenges & learnings

While there were many techincal obsticles involving hundreds of API calls, it was information architecture that proved the largest concern, based on a complex array of tasks, workflows and compliance measures. Tackling this while catering for both Banker and customer journey's proved to be the largest overall challenge.

System complexity

While part of the project focus was system simplification, it became even more of an issue as we mapped our the Banker's journey and discovered new complexity elsewhere. We thus needed to re-evaluate slightly and focus on the end-2-end service, but just the main digital platform to understand and provide better outcomes for customers.

Business vs. customer outcomes

While this project was focussed on Banker's needs, the customer would ultimately wear the outcomes. This customer focus identified a great deal of insight around pricing models, true product needs and misunderstandings around costs and add-on services.

Customer conversation map


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was released, with a roadmap of existing features to enhance and many new one's to come. The main wins achieved by the platform's rollout included:

Workflow simplification

Banker were expected to 'swivel-chair' between 6 different systems to onboard new Merchant customers. This has been cut down to a single point for origination and servicing requests.

Better customer insights

Bankers require a more holistic view of the customer to better guide and recommend products that fit with their specific business needs and requirements. This was achieved via enhanced customer records and synthesis of this data to provide insights and opportunities to the bankers.

Faster decisions

Customers were required to wait up to 2 weeks for a decision on their request, which includes a manual risk and pricing approval process. This was digitised and the time-to-approval cut to 2 days.

Self-service future

Gains made via a single point of origination workflow means we can expand the offering a cusomter-facing portal, allowing for self-service origination and servicing.

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