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Onboarding Digital Identity & improving the re-use experience

  CX research & design

Problem statement

The existing Digital Identity Exchange experience has a number of short-comings related to onboarding new customers, as well as reusing a existing identity. Our task is to provide and experience that helps introduce and support the use of Digital Identity.

Final recommended experience

CX research

The focus of our hypotheses, over 5 rounds of design iteration and testing, was to repair an existing experience which left many customers with little understanding or trust in Digital Identity and it benefits.

To validate our hypotheses, rapid prototypes were produced for each round of customer testing, where we aimed to recruited 12-14 participants from diverse, national demographics.

Regular interviews and testing, with real customers, helped capture valuable feedback we could use to form insights and iterate the customer's experience. This led to us being able to identify and address a number of emerging pain-points and challenges involved with the service design strategy, interaction patterns as well as technical limitations.

  Customer journey mapping

  Customer interviews

  Prototype testing

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UX & UI design

Regular interviews and testing, with real customers, helped capture valuable feedback we could use to form insights and iterate the customer's experience.

From insights gathered during the initial rounds of testing, we explored multiple options for a tutuorial to be added to onboard new users, as well as review access and availablity to useful and valuable help.

The main source of most pain-points soon became obvious with a theme related to terminology and assumptions around certain mental models. Our focus shifted to UX content development and how best to tell the story around the benefits and usage cases for a Digital Identity.

Insights & recommendations

The outcomes of our testing validated the majority of our hypotheses, exposing valuable insights for us to consider in our final recommendations to Services Australia. These recommendations included:

1. Optional tutorial focussed on 'why'

What was immediately obvious was the fact that new users did not understand much about Digital identity, it's benefits or it's security. Rounds of testing and review helped prove the benefits of a simple tutorial for helping these users understand what they're doing and why, rather than a step-by-step process.

2. Better access to simple help

While an entire website exists dedicated to showcasing Digital Identity, this isn't much help for those needing in-the-moment help and better understanding. We recommended re-writing the help panel content with greater focus on providing answers in a simple language, short bite-sized information in terms that mde sense to those with limited digital lteracy.

3. Faster re-use

Once a new user had onboarded and was shown a typcial re-use case, it was clear that making this scenario as seamless as possible would help engagement and drive adoption of the product.

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