Westpac Group, Business Bank

End-2-end design of a new merchant origination platform

My role
CX/UX/UI design lead

Problem Statement

To comply with new Australian Tax Office compliance regulations, all customer data across all Westpac Group brands required restructuring. This was seen an opportunity to tackle a new onboarding and serivcing journey for both Bankers and customers.

How might we re-imagine merchant services to better satisfy and manage customer outcomes?

Project Goals

Cut time to 'Yes' decision

A single view of the customer

Better manage risk and compliance

Automate request decisions where possible

Research Methods

Customer interviews

Data analysis

Prototype testing

Customer journey

Information architecture

Our discovery approach was split between the different customer types (SME vs. Commercial), where we uncovered very different workflows for product recommendation and pricing. It was thus important to empathise with the different scenarios and deeply explore the relationships between the Banker and their customers.

Main Focus Areas

Workflow simplification

The As-Is journey for a Banker comprises moving between 6 different systems to quote and onboard a new or existing merchant customer.

Faster Decisions

Customers are required to wait up to 2 weeks for a decision on their request, which includes a manual risk and pricing approval process.

Customer Insights

Bankers require a more holistic view of the customer to better guide and recommend products that fit with their specific business needs and requirements.

Future Self-Service

Consideration for future expansion to customer self-serivce and origination.


While there were many techincal obsticles involving hundreds of API calls, it was information architecture that proved the largest concern, based on a complex array of tasks, workflows and compliance measures. Tackling this while catering for both Banker and customer journey's proved to be the largest overall challenge.

Key Learnings

System complexity issues

While part of the project focus was system simplification, it became even more of an issue as we mapped our the Banker's journey and discovered new complexity elsewhere. We thus needed to re-evaluate slightly and focus on the end-2-end service, but just the main digital platform to understand and provide better outcomes for customers.

Business vs. customer outcomes

While this project was focussed on Banker's needs, the customer would ultimately wear the outcomes. This customer focus identified a great deal of insight around pricing modals, true product needs and misunderstandings around costs and add-on services.