Michael Cronin - UX/CX/UI Designer

Sourcr experience

Sourcr is a complete recruitment management platform putting employers and recruiters together via a simple, powerful and smart system for managing job listings and candiates. The project involved a complete redesign of the platform itself as well as updating the marketing side of the business to enhance aquisition and onboarding of new users.

My role
UI design & development


To adequately build upon the existing pilot platform it was decided a rapid prototyping with test-and-learn methodologies were best employed. After a short discovery and journey mapping exercise, each stream of workflows were developed as HTML/CSS/JS prototypes to demo, test and refine before being intertaed into the application.

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While the origination process for onboarding new users required a linear and simple flow, the system comprises of two distinct platforms: marketing/aquisition and the recruitment software application. While requiring certain differences it was important to maintain an obvious consistency across the experience.

HTML(5) / CSS(3) / JQuery / Cactus / Amazon S3