Open Colleges Pty Ltd

Redesigning the brand experience, while focusing on mobile conversion optimisation

My role
UX/UI design & development

Problem Statement

Online learning has become a competitive industry with students able to research and compare providers like never before. How might we better cater for student's research and evalution of courses to increase non-assisted conversion?

Project Goals

Enhance mobile experience & capabilities

Advance career pathway tools & analysis

Better qualify leads

Increase CVR

Research Methods

Test & learn

Market research

Prototype testing

Customer journey

Employing Lean methodologies, we focused heavily on a test-learn-iterate process for reaching our goals. This required a strong dataset and effort from the entire team in setting up tests, monitoring results and interpreting outcomes. Due to the high level of daily traffic received, we were able to review and iterate quickly to arrive at a successful outcome in quick time.

Multi-variant testing

Part of our learning loop involved testing of many different influencial factors to CVR, some of which included: navigation, imagery, content design and mobile-specific customer journey.

e.g. CTA mobile placement

While placement of call-to-action buttons on desktop were reasonably simple to solve, mobile proved a different story and required some testing of a number of variables before arriving at the best outcome.


While learning loops would continue to help refine and curate better leads, the team was very happy with the outcome of the project, particularly regarding the new mobile experience. The work also allowed us to lighten page loads and focus on delivering a fast and informative experience for our visitors.

Key Learnings

Research on mobile - convert on desktop

It was discovered, using quite advanced user tracking technology, that a majority of visitors would do a great deal of research before making a decision to sign up for a course. This research stage was generally done on mobile before the visitor would convert on a desktop. This helped us focus content and the experiences to cater more to these different journeys.

Quality vs. quantity

While testing landing pages for different channel marketing, we found an interesting balance existed between how much content we provided and the quality of the leads produced i.e. less content meant a lower qualified lead, and vice-versa. We decided to use both approaches to content strategy across different channels while focusing on self-origination rather than sales-assisted conversion for more targeted visitors.