BizCover operates in a space of little understanding for many business owners, particuarly those running small-to-medium sized companies and enterprises. The aim of this project was to modernise the experience for potential customers to research business insurance, with a focus on mobile, and also allow simple and fast method for purchasing appropriate insurance.

My role
UX/UI design lead


It was important to discover and define who the customers are and how best to talk to them about an appropriate level of coverage, and why it's is required for their business. Once a customer entered the quoting engine, data analysis helped identify the points of pain and bottle-necks in the process which could also be addressed in this re-design activity.

What is BizCover?
Choice / Simplicity / Protection / Piece-of-mind / Clarity / Flexibility / Credibility / Guidance


Concepts were quickly designed around existing content and information architecture, for the most part. A variety of visual aesthetics were explored before the final visual look and feel was approved, featuring a clean, simple interface promoting content readability and accessibility.

Sketch / Invision / HTML / CSS / WordPress